Interactive Dog Ball


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Your dog will have tons of fun whether you're around or not!


Interactive Dog Ball is an interactive play ball that engages your dog's natural curiosity and instinct to play, with super funny sounds, and unique colors and motion designed to mimic human laughter and joy. Three tubes inside the ball let out sounds when it rolls around, all without the need for batteries.

Product Description

  • FUN FOR ALL BIG OR SMALL: The Interactive Dog Ball is great for dogs of all ages and sizes! The 6 clutch pockets on the toy make it easy for your dog to pick up during playtime!
  • With just the nudge of a nose, off the ball goes! It does not require batteries - the secret is the internal tube noisemaker inside of the ball, the enticing “play-with-me” sounds are sure to engage your pup as the toy rolls around!
  • HAPPY, HEALTHY & FIT! By engaging our dog’s natural curiosity and instinct to play with giggling sounds when rolled or shaken, this toy keeps your pup active and entertained throughout the day providing great exercise for your best friend!
  • GREAT FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR PLAY: Whether your dog likes to play in the park or in your home the interactive dog toy is guaranteed fun! Watch as your pup leaps & bounds when they hear these playful sounds! This interactive toy is meant to keep your dog entertained and active.
  • PETS KNOW BEST in choosing their toys. The Interactive Dog Ball is sure to catch your dog’s attention with the fun sounds and become their favorite toy in no time! They will love fetching, rolling, and shaking this ball.

Key Benefits

  1. Makes fun giggle sounds when moved around
  2. Keeps dogs happy, healthy and fit
  3. Made of flexible and durable pet safe, phthalate-free vinyl
  4. For dogs of all sizes and breeds
  5. No batteries required
  6. Fun For Dogs of All Ages
  7. Can use indoor or outdoor

Tips For Playing With Your Dog!

  • Shake the ball and act excited to show your dog the noises it makes. This will encourage them to play with the ball to hear the noises.
  • Each time your dog gets the ball to make a noise, say things like 'Good boy!'.
  • Sometimes you may want to reward play with treats.
  • The Interactive Dog ball will soon become your dog’s favorite toy!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Dog is crazy on this toy, make much sound so is good toy for fireworks etc.


Fit the description and the shipment was fast, my dog liked me very much.


my dog loves this


The product looks just as described. Hard silicon and the sound has an acceptable volumen. It is not a ball that you can throw because it does not bounce.


Cute, my dog love it