Paw Water Fountain


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About this product

Paw Water Fountain ensures that a dog has access to fresh, cold drinking water at all times. Paw Water Fountain allows the pet to drink water by itself when the pet wants to.While a minimal amount of training is needed, is easy for the pet to use and it is also easy to install! This is made of heavy gauge steel and solid brass for durability and trouble-free operation. It can be easily attaches to your hose or faucet. No more stagnant water or water bowls to clean. It is perfect for all sizes of pets at all stages of their lives. No batterise and electrical cord!


  • Fresh and clean water at all times, day or night
  • Encourages Drinking
  • Activated upon pet’s demand
  • Strong and stable. Superior materials.
  • No leakage due to upgraded copper valve
  • Easy installation
  • Easily and Quick Training


1) The paw water fountain is easy to set up.Simply screw the end of hose into the barbed connector at the rear of the valve body.Then screw the other end of the hose into your outdoor faucet or garden hose.
2) Turn on the faucet .You may also wish to use a "Y" obtained from a hardware store to attach the hose to the faucet to allow use of the faucet for other purposes.
3) Remove the air from the hose by depressing the paddle on the Paw Water Fountain until water comes out.
4) You can adjust the height of the water fountain by adjust tap switch to control water flow.
5) Water standing in the hose can be heated by the sun.Try to locate the Paw Water Fountain in the shade.
6) This fountain is---depending on where you live---a spring/summer/fall product. Be sure to disconnect during frigid or winter weather. Frozen water may damage the fountain and pipes.

Package Include:

1x Outdoor Paw Activated Fountain for pets
1x Water hose (1 meter)


23cm(Length) x 20cm(Width) x 5cm (Height)


  • Install in shady location to minimize effect of sun’s heat on water.
  • Keep away from electrical outlets and cords.
  • Be sure to disconnect in freezing weather conditions to prevent freezing and resultant damage to fountain and hose.

*Shipping - Note that Estimated Delivery time is 12-25 days for U.S, Canada and Australia. For the rest of the world it varies 20 - 40 days*